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The ongoing pandemic is wreaking havoc with our personal and business lives almost over the past six months. However, the situation for the Cloud industry is presenting a somewhat different picture.

Spending on Cloud Infrastructure Grows by 37% in Q1 of 2020

The stats that we will discuss in this post may come as a welcome surprise for those who were concerned for the future outlook of cloud services. These encouraging figures were the result of a recent study conducted by Synergy Research Group.

Q1 Spending on Cloud Infrastructure

According to the compiled data, the total spending on cloud infrastructure services in the first quarter of 2020 reached $29 Billion. This translates into a growth of 37% when compared with first quarter of the previous year.

Impact of Covid-19 on Cloud Spending

The ongoing pandemic was largely expected to adversely affect cloud computing as well. However, the study figures reveal a different picture altogether. Most industry experts believe the rapid adoption of public cloud solutions amidst the pandemic helped a lot.

Outlook for Public Cloud Providers

The Public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) retained bulk of the cloud market share, which is north of 75%. The demand for public IaaS and PaaS solutions recorded a growth of 39% in the first quarter of 2020.

Challenges for Cloud Service Providers (CSP)

The recent pandemic has affected nearly every sector of the economy and technology. The cloud industry was no exception. CSPs faced serious challenges in enhancing data center capacities to cope with the rising demand for cloud powered solutions or services.

A main factor that contributed to this challenge was a nearly global disruption of supply chains. This disruption was not just limited to the production side, but also spilled over to the logistics front, causing serious challenges for cloud providers as well.

Future Outlook for the Cloud Industry

As per the Synergy Research Group study, the future outlook for the cloud looks stable, despite the apparent challenges. This is mainly due to the unmatched flexibility, scalability and business continuity (BC) that enterprises attain if they transition to the public cloud.

dinCloud Performance Amidst Covid-19

The management at dinCloud was well aware of the imminent challenges this pandemic may pose to its infrastructure and users. Therefore, dinCloud was proactive and immediately enhanced its data center capacity across the globe.

This not only proved a timely decision for existing dinCloud users, rather the Emerging Cloud Service Provider (CSP) was able to on board countless new enterprises that were in dire need of a business continuity (BC) architecture.

dinCloud and Cyber Security

The other major challenge apart from data center capacity was cyber security. Ever since the onset of this pandemic, there has been an unprecedented spike in cyber-attacks against Federal, State, Medical, Healthcare and Public Cloud establishments.

dinCloud has always accorded top priority to cyber security. To ensure the safety and integrity of its cloud user’s data, dinCloud further enhanced its security posture by incorporating some of the world’s best threat management and response solutions.


Despite a lot of odds, the cloud industry in general and dinCloud in particular have performed beyond expectations in the midst of this global health crisis. If you have any cloud related needs, feel free to Contact Us and dinCloud will be there to assist.