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The inherent versatility of cloud powered solutions make them a very suitable fit for many sectors and industries. The ongoing pandemic has subjected the global healthcare sector to unprecedented levels of stress.

Healthcare is quite costly and the sector involves a lot of intricate relationships with many other stakeholders. This sector is also responsible for generating vast amounts of data on a regular basis in the form of medical, insurance and financial records of patients.

On top of all this, constant research in the healthcare sector demands gathering and processing vast amounts of data for valuable medical insights.

In this post, we will list down some key benefits of cloud computing for the healthcare sector.

Outsourcing of Hardware

By leveraging the cloud’s power, healthcare providers can outsource the management of hardware resources to a specialized third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. In the case of cloud, hospitals no longer have to invest in buying or maintaining IT hardware.

Cost Effective Solution

Saving valuable financial resources from outsourcing the hardware is just one aspect of the cost savings. The other compelling reason to adopt the cloud is that the healthcare provider will pay only for the computing and storage resources actually utilized.

Robust Data Handling Capability

CSPs like dinCloud have more than ample installed capacity to handle vast amounts of medical records and data. The highly advanced data centers of cloud providers have the best capability to store and process vast medical records.

Efficient Platform

Storing medical records is just one facet of medical records. Healthcare providers need round the clock access to this data, which is readily available over the cloud. The exchange of this sensitive data to other care providers, if required, is also speedy and efficient.

Impregnable Cyber Security

For cloud providers like dinCloud, cyber security is a top priority. CSPs adopt a multi pronged approach towards cyber security. The data centers of CSPs like dinCloud are also independently certified for the highest international standards for security of data.

Scalability on the Fly

The patient load on healthcare providers is quite volatile most of the times. So, it becomes nearly impossible to anticipate hardware needs in advance. The cloud solutions by dinCloud enable you to scale up or down, depending on the prevailing medical conditions.

State of the Art Architecture

CSPs like dinCloud constantly upgrade the hardware of their data centers to remain competitive and deliver the best user experience to healthcare providers. This benefit trickles down to cloud users, without any associated costs for upgrading.

Ease of Collaboration

Healthcare sector attains the best results partly due to a collaborative environment. Over the cloud, it becomes both convenient and cost effective for healthcare providers to collaborate and learn new insights from colleagues who are geographically dispersed.

The Cloud and Telemedicine

Cloud computing is a highly suitable medium for telemedicine initiatives. This relatively new field has proved its true worth during the Covid-19 pandemic. Telemedicine is not only a safe means of delivering health advice, but also a very cost-effective option.

Medical Research

To carry out medical research, healthcare experts and scientists need access to vast amounts of historical data and super powerful computing resources. These are available in abundance through cloud computing. The cloud is highly effective as a research enabler.

Integration of Healthcare

Healthcare is linked closely to many other domains such as patient’s insurance and financial information for settling medical expenses. The cloud is a super-fast and highly secure platform for integrating healthcare with a patient’s insurance and financial plans.

Access to Affordable Healthcare

With telemedicine and other cloud powered solutions, we can bring quality healthcare well within reach of the relatively underprivileged segments of the society. More accessibility to healthcare will ultimate result in curtailing the rising medical expenses.


The domains of healthcare and the cloud are really well aligned with each other. It is imperative though to select the best cloud service provider (CSP) for health related needs. dinCloud has some of the best cloud architectures for your healthcare related workloads.