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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is the process of enabling access to virtualized desktops through the use of a data center and accessed through a secure internet connection. The name refers to all of the hardware, software and peripheral equipment needed to effectively deploy the solution. The typical VDI implementation is “on-premise,” meaning the data center resides within the physical walls of the business and users access it from their internet connected devices from both inside and outside the walls of the building.


At the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the typical implementation of VDI vs a cloud-hosted version. While both utilize the internet to access user data, it all comes down to where the server is hosted and who maintains the server. Cloud-Hosted solutions move the data center where the virtual machines data lies from within the walls of your business to an off-site data center.

Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides the same benefits as traditional VDI – and more.

Benefits of Moving to Cloud Based VDI Solution

Additional benefits your business would gain if you move to a cloud-based VDI solution include:


Instead of paying for the additional space within your physical space, you can save the expense of rent and utilities and maintenance of your solution by utilizing cloud solutions. The subscription-based nature of the cloud also enables you to only pay for what you use, instead of needing to purchase the maximum amount you would need to remain productive and function as a business. You also remove the need to buy expensive equipment as you simply “rent” the equipment from the cloud provider.

Reduced Complexity

Imagine how much time your IT department could get back in their day if they were not needed to manage the day-to-day functions of a traditional VDI deployment. The maintenance, set-up, and day-to-day care of the solution is shifted to the cloud provider, meaning all your IT department would need to do is manage the adds, moves, and changes of the virtual machines within the organization.

Enhanced Security

With the explosion and increasing sophistication of cybercriminals today, it is a full time job to just keep up with the latest risk facing your business and your data. Statistics show that on-premise solutions are attacked far more than cloud-solutions, and much more successful. Part of the reason could be that cloud-providers have the ability to source the best minds in the industry to secure your data, knowing the special responsibility they have to keep your information safe.

Increased Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Because the data center is not hosted within your physical boundaries, it automatically builds in a BC/DR component. Should a disaster strike your physical location, your employees can still remain productive by moving to another location that does have connectivity and power and still work as if they were at their physical desk. The geo-redundant nature of the cloud solution also means that the protection is widened beyond just your surrounding geography. So if the entire region is affected, the cloud solution moves the processing power to an alternative, geo-redundant location, ensuring that your data is still accessible regardless of the challenges you may be facing.


dinCloud’s Desktop-as-a-Service Solution Enables Businesses to Transform Digitally

To remain competitive in today’s business world, businesses must look to gain the competitive edge. Consumers are extremely loyal to businesses who provide best-in-class customer service, and one way to ensure that your business does so is by enabling your employees to be accessible in or out of the office. Contact us today to learn more about how Cloud-Based VDI solutions can enhance your user experience and grow your business.