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In a previous blog entry titled, “Cloud Computing: A Painkiller for IT Managers, we discussed how the cloud helps ease pain points for IT managers who struggle to keep up with ever changing technology demands and limited company budgets. Some of these challenges included configuring new devices and shipping them to remote employees, managing physical data centers, enforcing security measures, dealing with convoluted software licensing, and supporting multiple devices as more and more users transition to mobile platforms. But, these are just a few of the pain points plaguing businesses today, whether it’s a SMB or enterprise.

We polled several channel experts, asking what their customers’ top challenges/pain points were, which ultimately led them to seek out a cloud solution. Here’s what they had to say…

Eric Ludwig – CDWEric Ludwig, cloud team leader, CDW Aggregation Infrastructure and Managed Services

“Customers have many pain points which drive them to cloud, and dinCloud – speed to market, financial treatment (OPEX vs. CAPEX), limited technical resources, and the ability to bear out an idea prior to implementation. dinCloud’s expertise in Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) provides a unique opportunity for customers to mitigate anxiety and failure.”


Harish Krishnamurthy - InsightHarish Krishnamurthy, senior vice president of cloud services for Insight

“In today’s work environment, customers are looking for new ways to create a more agile, mobile, and secure business. To that end, customers are demanding more flexibility from their technology infrastructure. That is what dinCloud provides. With its virtual desktop available on many different devices – such as Surface, Chromebooks, and Macs – and across multiple operating systems – such as Windows, Android, and iOS – customers can move freely and replicate their daily environment on any of these devices. IT departments can adjust environments on the fly to adapt to different workloads, and administrators can control provisioning and de-provisioning. As a result, businesses have more control and end users have more flexibility.”


Evan Desjardins – RoundTableEvan Desjardins, president of RoundTable Technology

“Two of the biggest pain-points that our customers experience are price and quality. In order to get the kind of “big-iron” level infrastructure that we can provide via the cloud, they would have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in capital and time to match the quality that they can achieve by simply spinning up a service for a monthly cost. The flexibility is infinite, and the value proposition is massive. Cloud-based solutions allow our clients to quickly execute their ideas and bring them to reality fast, and without the overhead that more traditional solutions would allow.”


Nirm Takhar - dinClouddinCloud’s Take

Nirm Takhar, director of program management at dinCloud sees customers looking to address these pain points with a solution that is easy to use, scalable, includes console management to make changes on the fly, and one that can drive down costs. With cloud-hosted desktops, organizations can extend the life of their existing desktops, postpone large capital expenditures, or reduce the cost of high end devices. They’ll also see a significant savings (30-50%) in operating expenses.

Many challenges exist, but the cloud can easily help remediate these pain points. Not only that, but hosted solutions offer a slew of benefits including cost savings and an increase in control, security, agility, and productivity. For example, managing and supporting employee desktops and applications with HVDs can be a great expense of time, resources, and money. HVDs allow users to access their ENTIRE digital workspace – not just documents or apps – from multiple devices at any time, enabling a new level of productivity and resiliency never experienced before.

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To learn more about how dinCloud can help ease pain points associated with moving to the cloud, read our “why dinCloud” page or contact us today.