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Vendors from around the world are busy making last minute preparations for the 9th annual Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, one of the largest cloud-focused partner events in North America. This years Cloud Summit is inviting the channel to “Tap the Infinite Potential of Cloud.

9th Annual Ingram-Micro Cloud Summit 2018 – dinCloud

Key Focus of the 2018 Cloud Summit

This years Ingram-Micro Cloud Summit tackles 6 key areas:

  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Infinite Ecosystem
  • Infinite Growth
  • Infinite Verticals
  • Infinite Technology
  • Infinite Power

Sessions feature thought-provoking topics such as “Future-Proof Your Business with Cloud,” inviting participants to “learn how cloud computing is accelerating technological innovations, and how you can take advantage of all of the unique ways you can use the cloud to speed the growth of your business.”

Additional topics at the Cloud Summit include digital transformation, cyber security and helping businesses build cloud migration plans.

Will You Be At Ingram-Micro Cloud Summit This Year?

Gartner Vice President and Fellow, David Mitchell Smith, said “As it enters its second decade, cloud computing is increasingly becoming a vehicle for next-generation digital business, as well as for agile, scalable and elastic solutions.”  The power and appeal of the cloud is no longer in question, and we have seen that it is not a question of how to move…but when. The Cloud Summit looks to answer a lot of those questions.

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