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The other day I spilled a glass of water all over my laptop. It didn’t get on anything else — just my pretty (and not-completely-waterproof) laptop. It was like it decided to be kind — I know your papers cannot be replaced but your documents can be recovered. Well thank you, water. You were absolutely correct in your thinking.

After the spill, my laptop reacted with a funny, gurgling noise. Its buttons were not working correctly and random windows kept opening up, on top of the 5 or so documents that were already opened and not saved.

Typical scenario: If this had been at my last job, I would have created yet another water spill with tears. There would be no recovering of documents if the laptop was damaged. I actually saw this happen firsthand with a former coworker, but it was a coffee spill. Let’s just say that if coffee helps humans work better, it does quite the opposite with laptops.

Spilled water on your laptop?

My scenario: My laptop needed to be turned upside down for a little nap and airing-out, but I needed the documents I was working on urgently. Since I use HVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop), I was able to immediately re-open my desktop on my PC at work and go straight to the screen on which I left off. All my documents were in the exact same position they were in before the spill, because they are all in the Cloud. No downtime, no stress, and no damper on my day!

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