As if the Amazon Cloud’s 4 day outage and permanent loss of some customer data wasn’t enough, the hacking of Sony’s PlayStation network has left many current and potential Cloud Computing customers feeling less than optimistic about their company’s data or their own personal information in the Cloud.

But is Sony really a Cloud or just some Internet facing resource gone amuck? I’m with Larry Ellison on this one: a lot of stuff dubbed “Cloud” is, in reality, just some Internet hosted resource, upon which the Cloud moniker doesn’t deserve inclusion. Hosting stuff on the Internet (and getting it hacked for that matter) is certainly nothing new. But against the stark backdrop of Cloud Computing, a few “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” creep out in an almost Orwellian scenario where we let our minds meander into the big future WHAT-IF?

Adding fuel to the fire was a recent study of Cloud Providers by the Ponemon Institute which essentially concluded there was a general malaise on the topic of security by 73% or more of such providers which could best be summarized as “hey, not our problem”. Confidence inspiring, to be sure!

At dinCloud, we’ve always said that “if it’s not secure, it’s not worth using!”. Maybe we’re just tainted by our own business dogma which relies upon mutual trust, mutual investment, and mutual profitability. Old fashioned, I know. But we live by these and other credos which is why dinCloud was purpose built for Cloud with security woven into it’s DNA from day 1.

Let me explain. We protect the endpoints, the hypervisor clusters, the Cloud itself, storage systems, and all private links to/from the Cloud with encryption, anti-virus, malware, IPS, QoS, multi-factor authentication, and other protection. Add monitoring, alerting, log parsing, certified engineers (CCIE, MCITP, VCP, etc.) across a wide array of disciplines (Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, etc.). We also use granular hardware (no blade systems!) and layer 2 partitioning so that we can isolate the potential for outages as well as offering dedicated infrastructure to individual customers that can be highly customized with various bandwidth and other guarantees so that SLA’s are tied to real engineering.This is key for many of our customers who have very specific regulatory, licensing, performance, geographic, data protection, and/or other important parameters to meet. We snapshot our entire cloud every 1 hour for 7 days and electronically and automatically back it up offsite to one of our other locations at least 1,000 miles away every 24 hours for 30 days. And we can design any BC/DR scenario requested by a customer, yet all have peace of mind knowing they get at least these minimums from us no matter how much they pay us per month ($200 or $2M). All this, yet our Cloud is easy to use since we fit into your infrastructure as a private or public cloud extension using your IP addresses and other small but important things which remove the annoyance of figuring out how to leverage cloud.

If you look up at the sky, no 2 Clouds are the same. And if you look hard enough at dinCloud vs. the competition, you’ll find the same thing is true. Talk with a Cloud Solutions Specialist TODAY and we can show you many other differentiators that will motivate you to move to the Cloud, securely.

-Dr. Cloud