First off, if you stumbled on this page, you might be wondering what HVD or Hosted Virtual Desktop is.

Back Pain

Like most acronyms, HVD sounds complicated, but the concept is super simple:

Utilizing Hosted Virtual Dekstops means you no longer have to be attached at the hip to any device or computer, simply because you can access your information from any device or computer, anywhere.

Allow me to provide an example: I used to haul my heavy laptop back and forth to work, and the weight of it was exacerbating my back problems! And then suddenly I had an epiphany – why was I carrying a laptop around when I could use HVD to access my desktop, applications, and files from a spare computer at home?

With HVD all you need is another computer or device with Internet access, and no matter what, you won’t be able to tell you’re on a virtual desktop. It’s really quite seamless.

Imagine…you can hop on the subway each morning without the added hassle of transporting your computer. Or picture walking through JFK on your way to the farthest gate in the airport terminal without a laptop weighing you down. All thanks to HVD!

Does HVD solve back pain? Not quite. But my back definitely is grateful for HVD!

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