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First off, if you stumbled on this page, you might be wondering what is an HVD or Hosted Virtual Desktop? Well, let’s figure this out together!

Like most acronyms, HVD sounds complicated and loaded, but the concept is really simple.


Utilizing a dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop means you no longer have to depend solely on any specific device or computer. Why, simply because you can access all your data, processes and apps from any device or computer, virtually anywhere.

Allow me to provide an example: I used to haul my bulky laptop back and forth to work, and its weight was further aggravating my back problems. Then suddenly, the concept of HVD struck my mind and I asked myself – Why do I carry a laptop around when I can use HVD to access my desktop, applications, and files from a spare computer at home?

With HVD, all you need is another computer or device such as a smartphone or tablet with Internet access, and no matter what, you won’t be able to tell you’re on a virtual desktop. It’s absolutely seamless in terms of user experience, as dinHVD utilizes the highly advanced cloud infrastructure of dinCloud.

Imagine…you can hop on the subway each morning without the added hassle of transporting your computer. Or picture yourself walking through JFK on your way to the farthest gate in the airport terminal, without a laptop weighing you down. All thanks to HVD!

Does an HVD really solve back pains? Not quite, but my back is definitely grateful for using the HVD!

One thing is for sure though, a dinCloud hosted HVD can definitely solve a major pain point for organizations belonging to nearly all industries, and that’s employee productivity. How to ensure the same level of productivity when employees can’t show up at the workplace?

This is an area where Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, such as the ones offered by dinCloud, really come into play. Your workforce enjoys a secure and seamless remote access to all the organizational data and productivity resources over the cloud.

Switching devices is as seamless as it can get. Log out from your tablet at home and once you log back in from the workplace, your cursor will be blinking right where you left it at home, isn’t that amazing. You no longer have to carry data in bits n pieces and maintain multiple versions of the same document. It gets further annoying when you can’t figure out which one’s the latest version.

Another vital pain point for organizations is securing their data. It is literally impossible to secure your entity’s data if it’s split across multiple employee devices here and there. Imagine your woes if an employee’s device with valuable data gets corrupted, is lost or even worse, stolen.

With dinHVDs, this is no more a worry. All your data and workloads are stored over highly secure data centers of dinCloud. This means that even if one of your employee’s devices is lost or stolen, you don’t risk losing any important data. This goes a long way in securing your data.

The last and one of the most important benefits of dinHVDs is supporting remote employees. We are slowly but surely moving towards a remote work culture, at least for employees whose productivity is not dependent on the use of office premises. dinHVDs are a secure and reliable platform to support a remote workforce over the long term, with minimal costs.

In a nutshell, do HVDs cure back pains, well, not really! Do they serve as a secure, reliable and remote platform that can solve the major pain points in your organization or business, certainly YES.

For more information on our Hosted Virtual Desktops, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or Request Information to speak with a cloud specialist.