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I don’t want to upgrade my ADP

Running ADP software over the years, the HR department, payroll, becomes ingrained in certain processes. So when ADP has an upgrade, or starts offering software as a service – it is a tough decision. The benefits to software as a service (SaaS) are numerous – but the pain and hassle of migrating to a new system seems to be daunting.

So instead… companies are starting to leverage desktop virtualization, and in particular hosted virtual desktops (HVD) to get the best of both worlds. HR can have its cake and eat it too – a very rare scenario!

HVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop) and ADP

A hosted virtual desktop is a full Windows desktop, dedicated to an individual. However, it is virtual meaning that it can be securely accessed by the HR or Payroll Administrator from a work location or alternate location. Imagine a scenario where there is a rush for payroll and the administrator is not in the office. Now, with a hosted virtual desktop, they have full access to the ADP software application from any secure device without the need for specialized VPNs.

ADP SaaS Benefits

ADP now becomes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) through dinCloud’s saasification… ADP can help in accessing, executing and automating a variety of workforce management activities including payroll processing, tax compliance, time and labor management (scheduling, attendance, and leave); human resources and benefits management including health and welfare, flexible spending account, workers compensation, and unemployment compensation management. In addition to this, saasifying ADP can also automate talent acquisition and talent management activities including recruitment, screening, onboarding, learning, performance, compensation, and succession planning.

Thus with a saasified ADP, organizations can increase productivity by making the software accessible from any secure device. This reduces overtime, report building, and reduce errors from trying to rush before trying to leave work! Now, payroll admins can process on their schedule.

It’s like TIVO for your work!

Contact us to see how we can coordinate a discussion between your ADP representative and a dinCloud specialist to Saasify what you once thought was a legacy software application.