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The cloud, with its immense potential and flexibility, was already well poised to transform the way we do business. However, the ongoing pandemic has further acted as a catalyst to propel the growth of cloud computing to unprecedented levels.

6 Reasons that make Cloud Computing a True Lifesaver

Realignment with the Cloud

Organizations that have so far relied on the traditional, on premise infrastructure are running out of time to realign their vision around the cloud. It is no more an option, rather a necessity and enterprises need to act fast.

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The entities that either delay or totally defy this need for realigning their operations around cloud computing will soon find themselves at a great disadvantage. It will become nearly impossible to serve customers and meet the needs of your workforce in cloud’s absence.

In this post, we will list down some of the key areas and benefits of cloud computing that are fast becoming indispensable for your organization.

Instant Scalability

This is perhaps one of the most distinguishing advantages of cloud computing. With a robust cloud infrastructure at your back such as the one offered by dinCloud, you can scale your operations up or down in a matter of minutes or hours at the most.

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Another great aspect of this scalability is that dinCloud will bill you only for the resources you actually use. You also don’t need to enhance any on premise hardware in case you want to scale up your operations.

Lastly, a highly scalable productivity solution such as the one offered by cloud computing is ideal for these times of very high uncertainty. The ability of instantly scaling a cloud based solution up or down results in optimal utilization of IT and financial resources.

Heightened Cyber Security

As odd as it may sound, cyber miscreants are wreaking havoc with state, federal, commercial and healthcare networks amidst this pandemic. Most cyber security firms have witnessed a record breaking number of cyber attacks of all forms.

By moving to the cloud, you are entrusting the bulk of your cyber security to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. Leading CSPs like dinCloud adopt a multi faceted approach to cyber security that not only protects against known threats, but also the undiscovered.

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dinCloud’s highly robust security posture has recently been consolidated even further with the addition of Sophos Intercept X solution for endpoints and servers. Our data centers are certified for leading international standards of physical and cyber security of data.

Real Time Sharing of Documents

The traditional methods of sharing documents with your colleagues or tracking progress are fast becoming obsolete. The answer lies in the cloud, where you store all your critical files at a single location that’s accessible to all.

With the cloud, you also rid yourself of the trouble where each employee has a different version of the document and lots of time is wasted on tracking who has the latest version of a document with all the up to date information, stats or changes.

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Superior Customer Service

The financial impact of this pandemic has affected billions of consumers all across the world. In these uncertain times, consumers want answers to their questions around various possibilities and contingencies.

However, the traditional on premise customer support centers are simply proving inadequate to cope with customer service load. This is further creating a wave of panic among millions of consumers about various products or services.

By moving your customer services to the cloud, you can cope with the urgent need for more support infrastructure by moving to a CSP like dinCloud. You can further make life easier by outsourcing your Customer Service to Premier BPO.

Premier BPO is a well established name in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) space. With a fully cloud enabled infrastructure, thanks to its collaboration with dinCloud, you can stop worrying about Customer Service and focus on other business functions.

Supporting a Remote Workforce

Over the past few months, remote work or working from home has become the new normal. However, you need a highly robust and secure infrastructure to support a large remote workforce. This obviously comes in the form of cloud computing.

Take the example of dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). With this industry leading DaaS solution, all your employees will need to become fully productive is a login device such as tablet or laptop and the internet.

Cloud computing is an ideal architecture for supporting a remote workforce over prolonged timeframes. So far as this pandemic is concerned, no one is in a position to speculate with confidence if and when things will return to normal.

Organizational and Workforce Flexibility

The cloud equips your business with immense flexibility that is not otherwise possible. You can scale instantly, integrate productivity software or apps in no time and support a fully remote workforce with ease. This enhances your flexibility as an organization.

Cloud computing brings unprecedented flexibility for your workforce. It can remain fully productive with access to the all the data, tools and applications required to achieve organizational goals. Your employees can accomplish all this from the safety of their homes.


The power and potential of cloud computing knows no barriers. The question is that how willing and prepared are organizations to embrace cloud computing with open arms. Without doubt, the cloud can be a lifesaver for your entity amidst these difficult times.

Contact Us to avail dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Solutions for desktops, servers and databases. You can also get in touch with Premier BPO for any outsourcing needs you may have.