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Before you buy into the Private Cloud BIG LIE and stake your VDI destiny on it, here’s 10 reasons to make you reconsider…

10 Reasons Why DaaS Wins & VDI Loses – Every Single Time

  1. You can’t use your existing virtual server infrastructure to host virtual desktops at scale.
    1. Virtual desktops require immediate response times to typing, clicking, and interactive content as well as HD quality audio & video for VOIP apps, flash heavy websites, and online content from anywhere – including YouTube & Netflix. Utilization of a virtual desktop is heavy during 9-5 hours.  Servers at least have gaps of inactivity; desktops do not!
      1. Typical Enterprise virtual infrastructure:  HP/IBM/DELL blade systems, Cisco Nexus Ethernet switches at 10g, EMC/NETAPP/HP/HITACHI/OTHER SAN/NAS, VMware hypervisor, VDI driven by VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop.
      2. Typical Cloud virtual infrastructure: 2u pizza box servers which per rack deliver more compute power than 4 blade systems at 75% less power, saving $10,000/month ~ $120,000/year PER RACK!  40g infiniband, KVM or Xen hypervisors, and encrypted object oriented storage with erasure coding & infinite scale at 82% less cost than your SAN/NAS. VDI provided by our own intellectual property delivering performance which VMware, Citrix & others cannot touch. Trying surfing Netflix with one of their virtual desktops!
  2. You can’t buy the same gear as Cloud and you can’t get it at the same price
    1. Nutanix comes close to imitating a real Cloud environment by offering ultra powerful servers in high density form factors with distributed object storage. But to use one of their $180,000 MSRP servers as an example, even at 40% off that’s $108,000 per server and Cloud is still 60% less.
  3. We have 98 datacenters worldwide; do you?
    1. Clouds are expanding internationally at an exponential rate. We can spin you up at 98 locations worldwide so why bother trying to do it yourself? Sheer insanity.
  4. It takes BIG transport to move BIG data in a SMALL amount of time
    1. We have 1gbps links or better between all datacenters and can deliver a 1gbps circuit to you for $1500-$1700/month just about anywhere in N. America & Europe.
    2. While we do have superior datacenters, our belief is when chaos erupts, get out fast.  Be able to host with a provider that can transport your data elsewhere or just sign up from day 1 with a mirrored environment so if Los Angeles falls into the sea, you’re safe & sound in Chicago. Or if the polar vortex freezes Chicago out, you’re warm & sunny with an umbrella drink in Los Angeles.
    3. Even if you have a 100mbps pipe between you and your datacenter, or your datacenter to a colocation facility, it’s not big enough to move the amount of data even a medium much less large company has quickly enough.
    4. We can connect all of your virtual private datacenters together in any section of our Cloud at any location worldwide into one seamless network with IP blocks that you choose. Why host with a provider where every virtual server or desktop you spin up has some random IP using GRE tunnels to connect the puzzle that is now your cloud hosted resources together? What absolute madness!!
  5. You can’t divorce your virtual servers in the Cloud from your desktops –choose your Cloud wisely!
    1. Virtual desktops become necessary when the bulk of your servers live in the Cloud. This is why even Amazon is now going to offer virtual desktops. But, like so many others, they announced it in November 2013 and it’sMarch 2014 (4 months later) and they are still in limited preview. If they can’t do it, what makes you think you can, even if you’re one of the largest enterprise companies on earth?  dinCloud has a turnkey award winning solution. Heck, I expect even Amazon to sign up with us before long!  😉
    2. The moral of the story is, if you’re going to host resources in the Cloud, go with a provider like dinCloud who can offer you everything you need  — including virtual desktops that work!
  6. Enterprises don’t have the Internet peering that Cloud does
    1. Most company don’t have their own BGP ASN# or own their public IP’s. Even if they do, they don’t have 98 datacenters to advertise them from. Thus, a targeted DDOS attack means you’re going down, hard, no matter big your Enterprise is.
    2. We have multi-gigabit connections to numerous carriers and can “poison” any upstream provider so they don’t receive our IP blocks thus eliminating them from the path between us and you.
    3. 400gbit DDOS attacks using MON-LIST in unprotected/unpatched NTP (network time protocol) servers worldwide have been severely impacting businesses on the Internet for weeks now. You can protect yourself by choosing!
  7. Our DNS is better than, well… anyone’s!
    1. We use 20 datacenters worldwide just to host our DNS in an AnyCast network design. This means it’s virtually impossible to DDOS our DNS and win.
    2. Our TTL records are usually 300s so we can redirect resources to new IP’s very quickly. A lot of DNS entries are set for  86400s or 24hrs!
  8. Our Security is better than yours and/or certainly cheaper!
    1. We offer IP Reputation Filtering for FREE and it protects the ENTIRE Cloud. It doesn’t matter if you hosting $20 with us or $200,00/month – you’re protected! This service repels over 40,000 attacks every single day!
    2. We offer virtual firewalls dedicated to each customer and not shared with anyone else
    3. We offer not just multi-factor authentication but can lock your specific login down to only YOUR mobile and other endpoints that YOU authorize. Someone could know your username, password AND pin and STILL not get in!  How cool is THAT?!
  9. Via dinTransport, connectivity with is full mesh, fast, and cheap!
    1. P2P VPN’s are FREE via the dedicated per customer virtual firewall assigned to you
    2. Full-mesh MPLS anywhere in the USA back to is cheap!
    3. P2P 1gbps circuits back to anywhere in N. America or Europe for as little as $1500/month
    4. 15+ carriers to choose from like AT&T, Sprint, XO, Level3, CenturyLink/Qwest, Time Warner,Windstream/Paetec, Megapath/Covad & more!
    5. Connect all your locations to the Cloud, to the Internet, or even Ala Carte!
    6. Cloud hosted phones using Avaya/Cisco on MetaSwitch offered too!
    7. SIP trunks at mind blowing prices for your VOIP enabled PBX!
  10. We have world class expertise on staff 24x7x365.  Can you afford to?
    1. dinCloud has numerous certified engineers on staff, including but not limited to:
      1. Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE)
      2. VMware Certified Professionals (VCP 3.x, 4.x, 5.x)
      3. Linux Certified Engineers via (LPIC)
      4. Microsoft Certified Engineers (MCSE/others)
      5. Our CTO has 20+ certs just on his own, but he’s not unique
    2. dinCloud’s channel has THOUSANDS of certified engineers which are dinCloud ready and able to help you! This includes but is not limited to:
      1. CDW
      2. Insight Enterprises
      3. En Pointe Technologies
      4. And others, including some small local VARs who very customer-centric!
    3. Payroll is always a company’s #1 expense.  Save yours, use ours/channel partners to get a competitive edge anywhere in the world, TODAY!

We want to earn your business every single day; so give us a shot!  Thx.. — /\/\ike

Mike L. Chase ( is the EVP/Chief Technology Officer for dinCloud, a cloud service provider and transformation company that helps businesses and public/private organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud through the hosting of servers, desktops, storage, and other cloud services via its strong channel base of VARs and MSPs. Visit dinCloudon LinkedIn:

For more information on our Cloud Solutions, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.