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Why Partner with dinCloud

Benefits to dinCloud Partners

Breadth of Service

dinCloud offers a wide range of cloud services. As you browse through our product list, you’ll see we cover the basics of the data center such as infrastructure. In addition to that, our origins in desktop virtualization mean that we offer highly complex desktop as a service and hosted workspace products that require higher levels of efficiency and performance.


dinCloud was born in the cloud – so our infrastructure, data centers, design, and philosophy are centered around providing software-defined data centers that are connected to automation platforms. We are constantly winning awards and driving innovation in the industry for cloud-based services. You can expect to always have proven, innovative products to offer your customers. With dinCloud, you’ll have a long list of differentiators that will set you apart in delivering the most value to your customers.

Automation Tools

If you have technical resources in-house, you can offer additional services to your customer. These range from assessments of the network to data migration and cloud migration services. For those that have managed services for monitoring and support – this is a great add-on. If you do not have these capabilities today, it helps pave the way to becoming more of a subscription based provider.


Our logo has a lock in it – so that should indicate to you that security is at the very core of our company. We believe in keeping customer data and infrastructure secure. We do this by having multiple layers of security – both physical and virtual. We also provide built-in security protection for customer environments. This saves customers money and grief. By partnering with dinCloud, you show your customers that you value their security.

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