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Benefits to Offering Cloud Services

Recurring Revenue

More customers are moving to the cloud and everyone is now used to the concept of subscription based pricing. Recurring revenue helps sales reps because each month, their commissions don’t get reset to 0, as they did selling products. It also helps the reseller because it builds value in the organization in terms of multiples in the valuation of the business.

Sticky Services

When selling cloud services, you become a much more strategic partner to your customer. The level of relationship is higher at the customer, and their loyalty is much stronger. You move from a transactional relationship to more of an on-going relationship.

Add-On Services

If you have technical resources in-house, you can offer additional services to your customer. These range from assessments of the network to data migration and cloud migration services. For those that have managed services for monitoring and support – this is a great add-on. If you do not have these capabilities today, it helps pave the way to becoming more of a subscription based provider.

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