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Whether you’re rooting for the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers at this year’s Superbowl 50, there’s something everyone can agree on. Hosting your SQL Server in the cloud can help save valuable time and resources. If you haven’t shifted your SQL Databases to the cloud, chances are, your competition is.

Kick off your data insights by hosting your SQL databases with dinCloud. Get the benefits of scalability, high availability, and security in your SQL database with dinCloud, all bundled in a monthly flat rate price. SQL #FTW.

dinCloud has multiple ways to host your SQL Server in the cloud. Find a solution that is tailored to your needs. Host your SQL database completely in the cloud, or opt for a hybrid cloud scenario. You can also replicate your database or run multiple workloads in the cloud.

When you host your SQL Server database with dinCloud, it’ll be a touchdown straight to the end line. What are you waiting for? Get your game face on, and kick off your SQL database in the cloud now.