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Are you stuck in a big public cloud waiting for your white knight to come to the rescue? Are you fettered by hidden fees, limited by seemingly endless contract terms and taking a number and standing in line for the support you were promised? While some may say you’re living a fairy tale world asking for more – don’t accept what the big, public clouds have led you to believe is the status quo.
Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, cloud computing held promise as an easier, more efficient way to administer IT. But, guess what? The cloud can be just what you envisioned and more. Allow us to come to your rescue with a better way to run in the cloud.

Flat Rate Pricing from dinCloud

Unlike what you may be used to, we believe in transparent pricing. That means no hidden fees or data transfer costs. We allow you to scale your infrastructure without running into hidden costs along the way. Enjoy our service for one flat monthly rate. Because not all surprises are good… especially the ones that show up on your cloud bill.

For additional information about our pricing philosophy, see our pricing page. And for added value – our support team is available to help you manage your cloud infrastructure.

You’re More Than Just a Number with dinCloud

As anyone running in a big, public cloud will tell you, you’ll feel its size when you need help. We don’t think your company’s size should determine the quality of service you get. Unlike the competition, we do not tier support plans and make you pay extra for personalized service.
With us, top-level support is just part of the experience. With dinCloud, you’ll enjoy the perks of an established cloud provider with a level of support you could only imagine with the other guys. We’ll even know you by name.

Cloud to the Rescue

You can have a “happily ever after” outcome in the cloud. Give us a call to find out how – one of our white knights (or cloud specialists as you may prefer to call them) will be at your service. To learn more about how you can get flat-rate pricing, visit our pricing page, or request a quote.