James, the Virtual Robot, is now available for free internships. He is so sure he can deliver immediate value to your quality assurance processes that he is willing to work for free for a limited time.

What will James do during his “internship”?

  • Work on any web-based application, accessible via the public internet
  • Perform 2 measurements on the web-based application, of your choosing
  • Provide real-time visibility into the data logs, screenshots, and reports being collected
  • Share additional demos and live-streaming of more extended processes being tested
Works on The Web

Works on Web Apps

Visibility Into Data Logs

Visibility Into Data logs

Visibility Into Data Logs

Collect Reports

Visibility Into Screens

Visibility Into Screens

Perform Measurement on Web Apps

Performs Measurement on Web Apps

What exactly do I get in this “internship”?

  • Command center is setup and services are all programmed and scripted by dinCloud
  • Virtual machine to host 1 virtual robot
  • Licensing to run the virtual machine and Command Center
  • Virtual robot service with 2 measurements
  • Access (up to 3 users) for Dashboard providing real-time data

How long is the “internship”?

  • Typical internships are 45 days
  • 1 extension for additional 45 days available

Where can I use James during his “internship”?

This program, with 2 measurements, is suited to software applications such as:

  • An e-commerce website where you generate a majority or material amount of revenue
  • A help-desk software solution
  • Call Center CRM software solution
  • A payroll processing solution

Now Offering Free Internships | James – The Virtual Robot

What will happen once I sign up?

  • Interview: the dinCloud RPA (robotic process automation) team will hold a free assessment call to understand where you can leverage RPA specifically for doing QA
  • Plan: the dinCloud RPA team will program and architect the testing plan that the virtual robot will follow for your web application
  • Active Monitoring: As part of the QA, the virtual robot will run 2 measurements every 30 minutes, everyday to capture performance of the web application and report any issues