Security from Cyber Attacks

dinDNS offers a unique approach to protecting your infrastructure from DNS-based cyber attacks. dinDNS uses a routing methodology that is highly
regarded for its high availability performance – combatting the threat posed by hackers using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) techniques. dinDNS offers
an impermeable security layer to identify and stop threats before they infiltrate through a rapid response system powered by dinCloud’s security
partner, IP Reputation Filtering.

Single Console Domain Management

With dinDNS, you can sign on to a single console to manage all of your domains from one central location, leaving your administrator in a
better position to oversee data center functionality. To better manage yours servers, desktops and storage, dinCloud offers complete support as well as
heuristic security, two-factor authentication, high-availability, redundancy and encryption features to keep your environment running efficiently

Easy & Cost Effective Data Center Management:

  • Cost effective system to manage IP addresses for both internal and external systems
  • IP address management for desktops, servers and storage
  • Configuration on the fly
  • Assignment of FQDNs (Fully qualified domain names) to all servers
  • Secure access
  • Immediate publishing to worldwide DNS systems