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The Olympics in Rio are now in full swing. Popular events such as swimming, gymnastics, diving, track, etc. are generating buzz around the world.


Swimming has been featured in the Olympics since 1896, with the very first events being for freestyle or breaststroke. Swimmers around the world have already kicked off competition at the Olympics Aquatics Stadium. Men and women compete with four stroke styles-freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly in individual and team relay events (total 16).


According to the Topend Sports Poll, gymnastics is consistently voted as the favorite sport to watch of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The Women’s Gymnastics U.S Team is dominated by the U.S., winning by almost 8 points over Russia (2nd) and China (3rd). The men’s gymnastics team gold medal was awarded to Japan, with Russia taking home the silver, and China the bronze.


Diving was initially practiced by gymnasts who started performing their tumbling routines into the water. Diving was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1904, and has been a popular sport ever since.

Heavy Weight Lifting

Weightlifting has always been a means to measure strength and power, and was one of the few sports a part of the 1896 Athens Games. Weight Lifting has evolved tremendously over time, and the countries that dominate the sport change with the decades.

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