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Amazon Web Service (AWS) attains the highest share in the Cloud Computing market of 33 percent and contributed $8.4 Billion revenue to its parent company in the Third Quarter of 2019. As AWS is emerging in the Cloud Computing Market, more and more companies are preferring it.

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg got angry at Jeff Bezos over its Cloud Computing and data storage costs. This was said at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative speech which he delivered during a seminar on challenges in scientific researches organized by the initiative. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is a philanthropic organization which aims to advance human potential and research, and devise equality in the areas of health, education and scientific energy.

He stated, “One of the things we talk about is our cost of computing, and our AWS bill. Let’s call up Jeff and talk about this” while joining the conversation with Co-presidents of research center; Dr. Joseph DeRisi and Dr. Stephen Quake.

Zuckerberg mentioned Jeff Bezos and AWS pointing out its high costs in the data storage regarding the healthcare sector. Referring to Healthcare sector, cost of sequencing a human genome and its data generation has taken the edge off, while the data storage is expensive creating a barrier to analyze the human genome information.

Top Cloud providers like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are trying to sell their Cloud Storage services to biotech companies where genomic projects are increasing.

Size of a human genome is more than six billion letters and with expensive data storage costs, this can pose a difficulty for the healthcare companies to grow.

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