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The pandemic has taken remote work to a whole new level. What previously used to be an exception has now become the norm. However, the current mass scale remote work is raising a lot of cyber security and compliance challenges for enterprises.

This was further confirmed by the recently held cyber security summit, hosted in the White House by no less than US President Biden himself. Leaders of some of the biggest tech giants in the US were in attendance to discuss one thing, cyber security.

The landmark cyber security summit ended on a very positive note, where tech leaders vowed to invest billions of dollars in improving cyber security and privacy of data around their wide range of services.

Many tech giants also committed huge sums of money towards building the human capacity for designing and implementing cyber security controls. However, these are mid to long term steps, which will take both time and resources to materialize.

One solution that holds the key to the cyber security challenges being faced by enterprises right now is the Zero Trust Security model. The theme of Zero Trust is “authenticate every end user and trust no one otherwise”.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions can play an instrumental role in implementing Zero Trust Security models across enterprises, regardless of their size or the industry in which they operate.

Zero Trust models are also very important in improving the compliance posture of enterprises. With every passing day, regulatory and compliance standards are getting very stringent. That is not all, many non-compliances could even lead to legal actions.

In a related development, one country has even gone to the extent of declaring the board members of a company liable for action, if they fail to implement the requisite controls and solutions to ensure a fully secure infrastructure from a cyber security perspective.

This further goes on to highlight the importance which cyber and data security is gaining, especially in the backdrop of the widely prevalent trend of remote work. Enterprises need to invest both financial and human resources to make their IT infrastructures secure.

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