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Americans are all set to elect a new President this coming Tuesday, November 3rd. This will be one of the country’s most crucial elections that are taking place in the presence of a global pandemic of epic proportions.

You must have heard someone say to you at some point in your life, “What can your single vote do in making a difference”. Well, if there was ever a time to negate this view, now is perhaps the best one to do so.

There can’t be two opinions that it is risky to vote amidst a pandemic, but with the right amount of precautions and safety, this can surely be done. Remember, your vote does matter as it is an expression of your free will, one of the hallmarks of American society.

Without casting your vote, how can you have a say in who comes into power and how America is run as a country. How you vote this November 3rd will not only impact you, but also your coming generations.

At dinCloud, we strongly urge every American citizen to cast a vote, whoever is eligible to do so by law. This time around, each one of us will also have to pay special attention to the safety guidelines that have been prescribed for Covid-19.

By following those precautions, we will not only be fulfilling a national duty of casting our votes, but also ensuring our own safety and that of countless others. Please strictly observe Social Distancing during the entire voting process and express your will via the ballot.

Vote for America; Vote Safely and Responsibly!

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