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The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in serious challenges around Business Continuity (BC) and the capability of remote work. As lockdowns still remain in force all across the globe, the demand for cloud based services has skyrocketed.

Cloud computing solutions such as Virtual Desktops (VD) are seen as a great enabler for the workforce of most companies to work from home. Another factor that has fueled demand for cloud solutions is severe liquidity crunch in most businesses.

Some industries on the forefront of this demand include healthcare, retail, financial services and education. In these testing times, cloud powered solutions are otherwise becoming a very attractive value proposition due to their flexibility and instant scalability.

Within the domain of cloud solutions, the major spike in demand has been observed in cloud hosted virtual desktops, virtual private networks (VPN) and online collaboration programs that enable remotely working teams to coordinate their tasks and workloads.

Most industry analysts believe the trend of cloud adoption is likely to continue well beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because most businesses would like to leverage the inherent strengths of cloud based solutions and formally integrate them at the organizational level.

Interestingly, the total outlay of IT spending is likely to contract over the year 2020, owing to the financial aftermath of the novel Corona Virus. However, this isn’t likely to impact the demand for cloud services as they are a part of the overall solution.

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud surely deserve credit for coping with the unprecedented demand for cloud services that was created over a very short span of time. We can expect the Work from Home scenario to continue for the next few weeks or so.

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