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A tech research entity, “451 Research” has anticipated a further spike in the adoption rates of DaaS during the year 2021. Desktop as a Service or DaaS has proved a major technology solution to cope with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With global scale lockdowns in place and supply chains in total disarray, DaaS emerged as a capable, flexible and viable platform for getting work done. On the basis of solutions such as DaaS, enterprises were able to sustain employees working from home (WFH).

Most of the surveys conducted during the entire 2020 have overwhelmingly predicted that remote work or WFH is here to stay. The majority of enterprises that were surveyed lately have said this trend will continue even once we get past this current crisis.

Enterprises that adopted DaaS in a bid to manage their workloads during the pandemic clearly reaped the rewards. Such entities were not only able to sustain mission critical operations remotely, but were also able to reduce many administrative overheads.

The study highlights another key factor that has increased the adoption rates for DaaS. This factor is the unbearable level of strain that was suddenly passed on to on-premise IT infrastructures of organizations.

Such legacy infrastructures were simply not built to handle the sheer scale of the workloads as the pandemic took full effect. As a result of such in-capacitated systems, enterprises had to turn to third party solutions such as Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

Another daunting challenge imposed by the pandemic was that of cyber security. Even the enterprises that were able to resurrect in-house remote work solutions could not effectively plug gaps in cyber security.

This in turn resulted in an unprecedented spike in cyber attacks and a lot of enterprises fell prey to this. DaaS providers like dinCloud on the other hand were able to provide robust, reliable and secure remote work solutions amidst this crisis.

As enterprises across the globe try to recover and consolidate from this crisis, they direly need innovative technologies such as DaaS to pull this off. For the above reasons and a few others, there is a consensus view that DaaS adoption will further rise in 2021.

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