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It is rightly said that technology knows no boundaries. The pace of technological advancements is so fast that even coping with these rapid changes has become a major task.

Facebook is without doubt one of the most cash rich tech companies across USA and the world. What most such companies enjoy is a steady stream of financial resources.

Large companies like Facebook will every now and then, head outside to explore the possibility of further diversifying their product range or portfolio via acquisitions.

It is strongly believed that Facebook has acquired computer vision startup Scape Technologies. The recently acquired company is based in the UK.

Given the highly sensitive nature of technology related acquisitions, it comes as little surprise that the change of hands was done in a very low key manner.

The acquired company is currently working on a cloud based vision engine that will enable cameras to understand their environment using computer vision in real time.

Scape’s vision engine builds and references three dimensional maps in the cloud, rather than relying on dated 3D maps stored locally.

Facebook is tight lipped over this acquisition and its spokesperson has neither confirmed nor denied. A general statement hinted at the regular acquisition of smaller firms by Facebook as a regular feature.

UK’s Companies House, which is the registrar of companies has revealed that Facebook directly or indirectly owns a 75% share in the tech startup.

A major shuffle in the board members of Scape’s management lends further support to this development. It would be interesting to see what Facebook has in store for the company’s new strategy.

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