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The Federal and State level organizations across the U.S have been cautious when it comes to adopting the Cloud. In the post pandemic era though, all this is changing in a big way. The current Biden administration also deserves the due credit for this move.

Most of the IT infrastructures across U.S federal agencies expanded in the form of silos. Over the years and decades, this in turn created an inevitable complexity to these IT infrastructures, not to mention their management overheads and security challenges.

Well, all this is changing now, thanks to the impetus given by the current US government. By moving towards cloud environments, both federal and state agencies are achieving the foremost goal of flexible, scalable and agile IT infrastructures.

This in turn puts these government agencies in a much better position to serve the public at large, while also making themselves better equipped for disruptive scenarios. Despite an aggressive move towards cloud adoption, cyber security still remains center stage.

Cyber security is yet another area where the current US government has a lot of focus. This is underscored by the recent landmark summit hosted at the White House, which included the leaders of some of the largest tech companies in the country.

In this summit, it was resolved to invest both capital and human resources in improving cyber security, regardless of on-premise, cloud based, or hybrid cloud environments. However, as agencies embrace the Cloud, they are still assessing security and costs.

So, it makes perfect sense to leave the most sensitive government data and workloads on premise for now, and then gradually bring them into the fold of the public cloud, if that is required at a subsequent point in time.

The way events have been un-folding lately, it appears that most US federal and state organizations will be going for hybrid and multi cloud environments, for the foreseeable future and it makes a lot of sense.

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