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Businesses from across the globe have gathered this week in the Silicon Valley to discuss the latest trends and tools available to industries from around the world.  Cloud Computing Expo is reporting that “88% of Fortune 500 companies from a generation ago are now out of business” due to their inability to keep up with the rapidly expanding digital world and demands of consumers.

What Trends is this Cloud Expo focusing on?

With this in mind, the Cloud Expo is exploring the latest trends in:

  • Serverless
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • DevOps
  • SmartCities
  • Blockchain

Main Focus of this Event

Digital transformation is the main focus of the event with over 250 informative sessions touching on topics from cloud-native and serverless to AI and Blockchain.

How dinCloud is helping Business to grow Digitally

Born in the cloud Desktop-as-a-Service provider, dinCloud has enabled hundreds of businesses to effectively migrate their on-premise data centers to cloud-based solutions, effectively increasing their agility and reducing the costs of providing technology to their end users to get things done.  Learn more about how DaaS can help your business successfully transform digitally.

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