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With the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, it appears we have begun to see light at the end of the tunnel. But what does this change have in store for businesses and enterprises across the globe, lets find out.

It is high time for CEOs in general and CIOs in particular to reflect back on their pandemic response. One thing is for sure that in hindsight, businesses that were quick to embrace the Cloud in pandemic response have generally fared quite well.

Most of such enterprises that put their confidence in the capabilities of the Cloud were not only able to remain in business, but things are now looking good for them. The same can’t be said for enterprises that neither had in-house plans, nor did they leverage the Cloud.

Such businesses are now in the process of firefighting, if at all they still are in business, or playing catch-up with technologies such as Cloud Computing. Besides this point, what is the way forward for enterprises and the future of the Cloud?

Well, it appears that the role and influence of Cloud powered technologies in the post pandemic era is showing no apparent signs of slowing down. However, enterprises are now rightly looking minutely into their IT and Cloud choices during the pandemic.

Now, these infrastructure decisions are being pegged against the new realities of the post pandemic world. What we are seeing here is that the Hybrid Cloud is emerging as the most pragmatic technological course of action in most of the cases.

A hybrid cloud environment is emerging as the perfect balance between the flexibility, agility and scalability of the Cloud and the control you command over on-premise infrastructures. Other factors are also drifting in favor of the hybrid cloud model.

In the post pandemic world, as an enterprise, you have access to all the requisite Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and the tools to pull off a smooth hybrid cloud environment. The near consensus is that Hybrid Cloud is the most pragmatic approach going forward.

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