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During the past two years or so, we have seen a massive hike in the demand for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions. DaaS solutions are proving a great value proposition for enterprises engaged in a wide range of industries and sectors.

Under these circumstances, it comes as little surprise that most analysts in the technology and cloud computing sectors are seeing a strong growth potential in the global DaaS market. This assessment was validated by the recently released Orbis Research report.

According the forecast released recently by Orbis Research, the global DaaS market is well positioned for steady growth. As per the research report, the growth trajectory of the DaaS market could continue well into the year 2027.

One interesting aspect of the anticipated growth in the DaaS market is that unlike the US region, this current hike in the demand for DaaS solutions is being attributed to the Asia Pacific region. This is a highly populous region, with relatively developing economies.

These highly populous developing countries in the Asia Pacific region are turning out to be driving the current global demand for DaaS solutions like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops. Within this region, the Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) account for bulk of the demand.

Unlike the larger corporations operating in this region, which have strong financial muscles to invest in on-premise data centers, DaaS is nothing short of a blessing for SMEs. It is technologies like DaaS which are making SMEs much more competitive and agile.

Another factor which is driving the demand for Desktop as a Service solutions across the globe is the current trend of remote and hybrid workforce. DaaS solutions like dinHVDs are proving an ideal fit for both fully remote and hybrid workforce models.

This versatility and flexibility of DaaS solutions also extends to an imminent return to the workplaces, maybe later this year. As the situation around mass vaccinations improves, it is being expected that things should return to normal, hopefully by the end of this year.

Regardless of whether it is remote work, a hybrid model or a full on return to the workplace, DaaS still presents itself as a highly flexible, agile, secure and cost efficient cloud technology for a wide range of enterprises.

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