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Cloud Computing continues to influence the global Healthcare Sector in a big way, for the third straight year in a row. This has a lot to do with the aftermath of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, which had a major impact on how healthcare was delivered globally.

In a recent study published by Emergen Research, it has been anticipated that the adoption of Cloud Computing by Healthcare providers will continue for the foreseeable future. The report found that this sustained investment by healthcare providers, in Cloud Computing solutions, could continue its momentum even till the year 2028.

It could be difficult to predict this far in the future, especially given the current geo political landscape globally. Currently, the high level of economic uncertainty is also posing challenges for healthcare providers and other enterprises. What seems evident though is that healthcare providers are increasingly turning to Cloud Computing solutions for their mid to long term digitalization objectives.

According to the report, the two major factors driving this growth for Cloud Computing solutions across Healthcare were operational efficiency and substantial cost savings. With cloud based solutions, leading healthcare providing institutions were able to provide instant connectivity and operationalization to healthcare professionals globally.

This connectivity played an instrumental role in the delivery of seamless, secure and compliant remote healthcare, primarily in the form of telehealth and telemedicine. The capabilities offered to healthcare providing institutions and professionals extended further to include seamless remote access to healthcare systems, patient medical records, and even the medical histories of patients with chronic diseases.

The report concluded that despite the physical limitations imposed by the pandemic, healthcare organizations, physicians, medical consultants and other such professionals were able to remotely access the resources they needed to discharge their duties, regardless of their physical location or the device they were using.

Lastly, the research report also highlighted the robust compliance posture of leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP), such as dinCloud. A strong compliance posture translated into healthcare providers entrusting sensitive digital medical records to Cloud Service Providers, for an easy, anywhere and any device access to the required medical resources.

The Emergen Report further concluded that healthcare providers will continue to move towards Cloud Computing solutions and services. This in turn is expected to unlock a whole new set of opportunities and possibilities in the fields of Telemedicine, Remote Health Monitoring and Remediation, and above all, Medical Research.

Whether investments in Cloud Computing solutions by Healthcare organizations continue strong in the future or otherwise, this shall only be determined by the times to come. One thing is for sure though, the Cloud is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for Healthcare Sector organizations across the globe.

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