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Over the past decade or so, Cloud Computing has found its way across a wide range of businesses in terms of size. When it comes to Mid Sized or Mid Market Enterprises (MME), things can get a bit trickier though.

Unlike the large enterprises, MMEs don’t have multi million dollar budgets for their IT infrastructure. On the flip side, their operations are mostly expanding and haphazard solutions designed in-house also don’t serve the purpose all that well.

So, what mid-sized enterprises actually need in terms of tech is the perfect blend between cost and productivity. This seemingly tough proposition is effectively served by Cloud solutions such as Hosted Virtual Desktops and Servers.

By sourcing the IT infrastructure from an external Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud, MMEs can tap into a host of benefits. The most obvious plus point of any cloud solution such as dinHVDs is the elimination of the need for an in house data center.

Then, there is the added flexibility and agility that’s offered right out of the box by cloud solutions such as dinWorkspaces. This comes in really handy for mid tier enterprises, especially when they are in the process of expanding to new markets or geographies.

Due to the Cloud, the IT infrastructure and productivity environment remains cohesive across the whole entity. According to a key player in the Cloud market, the demand for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) grew by a mind boggling 770% in 2020.

This is largely attributed to a paradigm shift of enterprises to flexible technologies such as the Cloud. A large chunk of this increase has come from mid sized enterprises that want to remain relevant and competitive, despite the unfavorable odds right now.

dinHVD, which is the flagship Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) offered by dinCloud, also offers you a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop experience. MMEs can further cement this capable platform with best in class enterprise software and productivity applications.

Regardless of the size of an enterprise, remote work has been the mainstay for thousands of enterprises during the pandemic. The mid sized enterprises are no exception and it appears remote work is here to stay for the long haul.

Cloud powered solutions such as dinHVDs offer a secure, reliable and highly scalable remote productivity environment to medium sized enterprises. A multi layered security that’s packaged into the solution itself delivers unrivaled peace of mind.

Lastly, premier Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud offer their remote work solutions at a flat rate subscription based pricing model. This ensures a transparent remote work platform for MMEs and they can commit to it long term.

Due to above cited compelling reasons, it appears that the Cloud will further cement its place in the Mid Sized Enterprises as a true value proposition.


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