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During the past couple years or so, being a Chief Information Officer (CIO) has been a coveted, yet extremely challenging job role. The tech world around us has evolved so fast over the past two years that even CIOs have some un-answered questions.

To put it in another way, it is not that they don’t get the answers. Instead, what worries CIOs more these days is that, are they getting the right answer to their questions. So, here are a few important questions that Cloud Service Providers (CSP) will have to deal with.

The foremost item on the agenda of CIOs in 2022 would be to get answers about certain technical aspects of cloud solutions and services. What makes the situation tricky is that there is no “one size fits all” answer to technical questions about cloud services.

CIOs need to understand that no two cloud providers, or their solutions are created equal. So, it is important for CIOs to know what exactly they want from the Cloud. What cloud providers need to do on the other hand is, furnish the best advice as per specific needs.

The second most important question CIOs would be asking cloud providers in 2022 would be cheaper cloud security. It is important not to confuse the concept of cheap with something that is subpar or inadequate.

What cloud providers need to convey CIOs in 2022 is that they might be approaching cloud security with an “over-kill” approach. What this does is that it increases both infrastructural complexity as well as the costs, not to mention the degradation of end user experience.

The last, and perhaps most important question CIOs would be asking cloud providers is, how do we find the right cloud computing related talent to take us through the whole cloud migration process.

Well, the answer to this question is tricky because as we write this post, there is still an acute shortage of well skilled cloud solution specialists that can steer enterprises towards a smooth cloud migration as well as adoption.

This is an area which may take more time, as the supply of skilled cloud experts is likely to remain much smaller than the high demand. However, this issue can be addressed by choosing the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for your needs, such as dinCloud.

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