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TechRadar spoke with dinCloud CTO

DaaS is a highly optimized hardware infrastructure, which exploits a superior software solution for virtual desktops at a cost model unattainable by enterprise customers.

Technologies like ultra-dense servers (8cpu, 128cores, 2TB memory), ultralow latency networking (40g infiniband or trident+ 10g Ethernet chips), hybrid (SSD/SAS/SATA) hyper-scalable object oriented storage with erasure coding, as well as virtualized security, and encryption and defense systems are brought together to create a turnkey made-for-virtual-desktop environment where every click requires a lightning fast response to deliver a true windows desktop replacement with high user experience expectations.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (or VDI) is costly, built on slower enterprise class infrastructure, upgrades poorly, scales slowly, and is failing to keep pace with security, regulatory and user experience expectations.

As such, VDI is often a novelty or augmentation in an enterprise environment and rarely a full windows desktop replacement. In contrast, I can walk into numerous clients and see an entire floor of 300 or more dinCloud hosted virtual desktops in use as the sole platform.

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