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The world around us is changing at a very rapid pace, and intelligent businesses are mirroring this change. Nutanix recently highlighted some major shifts in the business and service delivery models of technology providers globally.

According to the company, technology providing companies are heading towards strategic partnerships with other tech providers. This is being done to avail the core competencies of one tech provider, in order to elevate the service quality to a great extent.

In such a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape, most tech providers are not “re-inventing the wheel” and going for partnerships instead. This in turn is proving a great development for the consumers of technology across the globe.

Another major shift noted by Nutanix in its recent findings was a tremendous preference for subscription based technology services as well as solutions. This new consumption model for tech solutions is a departure from the traditional “ownership model”.

Now, the ability of both enterprises and customers to avail technology solutions as a subscription service is very empowering. So far as tech providers are concerned, they are more than happy with steady revenue streams originating from these subscriptions.

However, technology solutions providers now have to be much more awake and responsive to their customer’s preferences and wish lists. Under subscription models, it has never been easier for a customer to simply switch to another tech provider, with no strings attached.

Lastly, enterprises are focusing on interoperability between their in-house IT infrastructures and those of Cloud Service Providers (CSP). In this setting, cloud solutions double down as an infrastructure choice, as well as load balancing mechanisms for enterprises.

The crux of the matter is, the lines between the infrastructures of enterprises, their cloud providers, and other cloud service providers are more blurred than ever. This trend is likely to continue in the near future as well.

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