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We find ourselves living amidst the digital revolution, where things are rapidly moving towards automation. However, this era in which we find ourselves today, has dawned on us by virtue of the industrial revolution. The hardworking and highly skilled labor force laid the foundation for rapid progress and development at the global scale.

The Labor Day, marked each year on the first Monday of September, pays homage to all those laborers that laid down a solid foundation for today’s fast paced progress. Another key takeaway from Labor Day’s celebrations is that one has to learn to stand up for the legitimate rights. This is exactly what the Labor Day is all about.

On this day, let us also pay homage to the countless laborers who laid down their lives for completing seemingly impossible construction projects of their time. It was the successful accomplishment of difficult projects like these, which enabled the world to develop rapidly, and venture into uncharted territories.

The labor force of olden days had to work under extremely testing conditions, but these odds could not deter their resolve to perform their tasks with utmost professionalism. No matter how intelligent machines we may develop, no matter how many processes we may automate, the human element can never be completely ruled out from the equation.

On this day, we should also do our bit in making the lives of the labor force easier and safer. This is a great way of thanking the labor force for the houses, multi storey buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels that we come across daily in our lives.

Team dinCloud Wishes the US and global labor force a Very Happy Labor Day!

Thank You for all that you’ve done for us, and our coming generations!

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