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Over the past few months, cyber security has taken the center stage for many enterprises. Recent cyber security breaches have only added to the level of urgency that organizations are feeling to enhance their security.

Sophos is one of those brands in the cyber security space that has been clocking record growth numbers, consistently for the past four to five years. The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions by Sophos are great value for money.

This company, unlike its counterparts in the same domain, has simply refused to compromise on quality. This consistent commitment to offering nothing but the best security solutions has started to pay huge dividends.

What makes Sophos stand out from the competition is that it caters to the needs of small to medium sized organizations as well. On the contrary, most of the top cyber security providers have their eyes set only on the handful of large corporations.

The two factors that makes MDR solutions by Sophos unique are ease of implementation and the ability to cater small to mid sized entities. After all, the smaller enterprises are by no means immune from the security threats lurking in the cyber space.

One more factor that has propelled Sophos to new heights is its focus on Managed Services Providers or MSPs. A sizeable number of MSPs are now turning away from “good enough” security solutions to Sophos MDR, as the stakes are too high now.

The MDR solutions by Sophos are proving an impregnable line of defense in endpoint security. When this mechanism is coupled with the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) by Sophos, the resulting cyber security profile in indeed enviable.

A proactive approach to tackling cyber security risks and threats is really the way forward. The MDR solutions by Sophos are also making the job of MSPs and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud a whole lot easier.

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