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Ever since the outburst of a global pandemic in 2020, remote based work has gained more popularity. A Workspot survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, suggests that IT leaders have confronting cyber security and data privacy challenges. 83% of the surveyed IT leaders are working on expanding their cloud strategies. Innovative technology is being adopted to make hybrid work easier.

A global leader in cyber security, Sophos, has reported that investment in cloud computing and cloud security is helping companies excel, as their employees working remotely will have smooth and secure work environments.

With the shift in technology paradigm, IT leaders have also understood the importance of the Cloud. Cloud services providers (CSPs), like dinCloud, are enabling companies to perform smooth cloud migrations and VDI modernization. This will be of great help to the workforce, following hybrid workplace models that are now widely prevalent.

99% of the respondents agreed that the influx of remote based work brings in its fair share of challenges, top ones being the maintenance of cloud security (71%) and performance of devices (59%). However, innovation and adaptability are essential in surviving today’s dynamic work environments. Companies that plan on staying in the race must adapt to these changes, and act fast.

Sophos, whose security solutions are highly effective against both existing as well as emerging cyber threats, is of the view that there is an increase in investments directed towards the security of cloud based remote work solutions.

Cloud Service providers (CSP), like dinCloud, are helping companies make smooth transition to remote work for accelerated business growth. 47% of the surveyed companies have accelerated their timelines to match cloud adoption.

65% of the report’s respondents were of the view that cloud services will improve scalability and 56% of them think that it will improve reliability. Security regarding the protection of user’s devices, outside the domain of corporate firewalls and making strategies for extended security perimeters were their top most priority. dinCloud is providing top-notch and secured cloud services to its users with a multi-layered approach towards security and privacy.

61% of the respondents were in favor of using DaaS and Cloud PCs for improving the productivity and agility of remote workers. More than 50% of the respondents counted on VDI and 33% on DaaS and Cloud PC.

Organizations with more than 5,000 desktops opt for Cloud VDI and Cloud PC. Organizations with fewer than 5,000 desktops prefer on-premise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). dinCloud offers a wide array of cloud solutions to enterprises of all sizes.

Today, businesses have realized that in order to stay at the top of their game, they need to inculcate the Cloud in their organizational structure, and are ready to invest a handsome amount for its smooth running and security. Reliable Service providers, like dinCloud are making sure they deliver fast and secure cloud-based solutions to them to fulfill their future needs.

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