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The Covid-19 pandemic has really accelerated the demand for robust, secure and reliable remote work platforms. However, building such platforms on premise has remained an insurmountable challenge for most enterprises.

Both resource constraints and the limited availability of the requisite human talent have remained as the main limiting factors. However, amidst all this crisis, this void has been effectively filled by cloud powered services such as DaaS and IaaS.

For the year 2021, Gartner has released very up-beat growth forecasts for both the above cloud market segments. Although these figures primarily relate to a large IT ecosystem that’s based within Asia, this forecast reflects a near global picture.

The Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS market is expected to show a phenomenal growth of nearly 52% during the year 2021 in terms of end user spending. This goes on to show that IaaS providers such as dinCloud are functioning as key enablers for remote workers.

Another sub-segment of the Cloud that’s expected to show very strong growth during 2021 is Desktop as a Service or DaaS. Leading DaaS providers at the global scale, such as dinCloud, have rolled out tailor made DaaS solutions for enterprises.

Based on the forecast for Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, Gartner expects that the DaaS market will grow by 47% during 2021. DaaS has served as one of the mainstream cloud technologies for CIOs to quickly resurrect remote work platforms.

DaaS has not only proved itself a robust platform for remote work, but also one that is secure against the emerging cyber threats. Another cloud segment that is supporting this explosive growth in IaaS and DaaS is Software as a Service or SaaS.

Within the SaaS sub-segment, it is expected that the strongest growth will be exhibited by Customer Experience and Relationship Management. This segment is expected to grow by a healthy 24% during the year 2021.

Mainstream Cloud technologies such as IaaS, DaaS and SaaS are playing a leading role in helping enterprises cope with the challenges of this global pandemic. It is expected that the same trend will continue throughout the year 2021.

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