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We are living in a Digital World where technology changes overnight. As we are progressing, there are some aspects which we cannot neglect and there is a constant fear of getting attacked by Cyber Criminals. According to FortiGuard Labs, a new Ransomware named as “Nempty” locked PC’s of several users and they are unable to access their valuable data anymore unless they pay what hacker demands. No Kidding !


As soon as the encryption process of Nempty Malware completes, it locks your PC. All the files get an extension of the name just as “.nempty” and it creates the shadow copies automatically which makes it impossible to recover your data unless you pay the ransom.

Furthermore, when it infects your PC, it starts the “Encryption Procedure”. As soon as the Lock Down of Encryption completes, you will see a screen demanding a Ransomware of 0.09981 BTC (bitcoin) Ransom which is equivalent to $1000 and you have to pay this by going to Hidden Tor Network by using Proxy Chains or layer Chains just like an Onion Routing.

 This is what Nempty Malware Demands from The Infected User

Image Source: BleepingComputer

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