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In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the world is experiencing a self imposed lockdown of global proportions. Amid all this chaos and uncertainty, one technology that was otherwise doing good, is rapidly emerging as nothing short of a savior indeed.

The technology in question is Cloud Computing and ancillary services or applications. Whenever we used to hear or read about the cloud, instant scalability was touted as one of its main and unique distinctive features.

What better juncture to test this claim than a global pandemic that has brought the world to a grinding halt, forcing billions to remain confined within their homes for the sake of their own safety and that of others.

The public cloud service providers truly deserve full credit and appreciation for the way they have prepared for the aftermath of this crisis. In the wake of Corona, the demand for cloud based services and solutions has skyrocketed with no signs of slowing down.

We can broadly divide this demand hike into two categories. Firstly come business concerns that are trying to leverage the cloud to maintain core operations through remote employees. The second and perhaps bigger segment pertains to the general public.

The mere thought of billions of people going into sudden lockdown sends a chill in our bones, especially when there is little you can do indoors to kill time. The cloud has yet again delivered on this front and that too, in flying colors.

Some emerging Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud deserve credit for instantly becoming fully operational remotely. dinCloud is at the forefront of providing highly customized cloud powered solutions to a whole new market segment.

We have also seen an unprecedented surge in the demand for cloud based collaboration platforms such as Slack, Zoom Video and many more. These platforms are rapidly being adopted by employees working from home to attain some degree of coordination.

Lastly, we have also seen an unprecedented surge in the utilization and subscriber numbers of cloud based streaming platforms that disseminate entertainment content. Cloud based gaming platforms are also witnessing record users over the past few days.

Without diluting any of the well deserved praise for Cloud Service Providers (CSP), we can easily infer that the demand for cloud based solutions and services is far from over. Can the CSPs, big or small, continue to deliver on the rising demand front is yet to be seen?

However the Covid-19 pandemic has instilled a new lease of life in the cloud solutions industry and it is quite likely that the recently acquired fresh cloud tenants are here to stay, even well after we have weathered the catalytic effect of Corona on the cloud industry.

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