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These are tough times for most of the businesses out there. From a crippling pandemic to a looming financial crisis, companies are finding it really hard to “make ends meet”. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic are just adding more fuel to the crisis.

Amidst all this chaos and uncertainty, there is one technology that is proving a lifesaver for businesses out there, and it’s the Public Cloud. The Cloud has been around for a good part of two decades now, but its role during the pandemic has really been amplified.

This was evidently reflected in a recently conducted study titled, “US Businesses Become Future Ready with Large Scale Cloud Migration”. The respondents in the study were nearly two hundred top IT leaders across USA.

In terms of tech, the whole world draws inspiration and trends from the US market. The same holds true for the Public Cloud. Some of the biggest names in the public cloud market are US based companies, with presence across the globe by now.

According to the study, businesses across the globe are now attempting to mount a recovery from Covid-19. Despite the multitude of constraints and limitations, it is at least worth a shot and companies need flexible and agile technologies to pull this off.

What better technology stack than the vastly available Public Cloud. It is not only easily accessible, but also a very cost effective option. Enterprises can sync their IT infrastructure needs via the public cloud as and when the need arises, in real-time.

Furthermore, the Public Cloud has turned out to be the go-to platform for remote work in most cases. Even to this day, there are countless companies whose entire workforce is working remotely over Public Cloud providers like dinCloud.

Lastly, most reliable public cloud providers have also delivered on their promise of impregnable security. Despite an unprecedented rise in cyber threats during the pandemic, the public cloud has been able to keep user’s data safe in most of the cases.

It was due to the above factors, and a few others, that the recently conducted study declares Public Cloud essential for any post pandemic recovery. Enterprises that want to remain competitive need to give a serious thought to the public cloud right now.

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