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The U.S Department of Defense (DOD) is now drafting a Cloud Deployment Security Guidance integrated within the Zero Trust Security model for the agencies which will move to the Joint Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.

Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) is a $10 Billion cloud contract for U.S Department of Defense to increase agility within their defensive cyber-operations. The DOD’s $10 Billion JEDI contract was initially expected to be awarded in the fourth quarter of the last year, but still it’s under review by the Secretary Mark Esper and the Inspector General of Pentagon.

A statement was put forth by the cyber architect in DOD’s Chief Information Officer, Paul Jacob saying, “Department is already working on a guide about the Cloud Security which will be good to go as soon as the JEDI cloud contract is issued to the cloud-vendor”.

Jacob previously referred about this guidance at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology that it is diversified across eight categories called as “Zero-Trust Manifesto”. Zero Trust is a security model which is responsible for increasing cyber defenses among entities and reduce them from wide network perimeters to micro-perimeters.

The Department of Defense is endeavoring to achieve a narrative for the Cloud Infrastructure Deployment through the Zero Trust model as guidance. It will help the DOD’s agencies and systems like Information Systems Agency and Defense Enterprise Computing Centers in moving towards the cloud.

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