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The global Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) market is reflecting skyrocketing growth. This is mainly due to the mass scale provisioning of HVDs for remote employees. HVDs have proved a highly effective cloud technology to power remote work.

A recent study conducted by Orbis Research has forecast strong growth for cloud solutions in general, and HVDs in particular. The study anticipates accelerated adoption of HVDs by more and more organizations as they brace for long term remote work.

Some of the key advantages offered by HVDs include quick deployment, multi layered security, user authentication, access management and instant scalability. Most of these attributes perfectly align with the present business environment.

The report further points out that Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are facilitating many organizations achieve a seamless digital transformation. HVDs are playing a leading role in giving remote employees instant access to data and productivity resources.

As many organizations are still in the process of selecting Hosted Desktop Providers, a section of the research also lists down top HVD providers globally. The report takes into account a multitude of factors when evaluating DaaS providers.

It is indeed an honor for dinCloud to be among top HVD providers globally. This was made possible only through constant improvement and innovation in our cloud offerings. At dinCloud, User Experience (UX) and security have always remained top priorities.

Towards the end, the Orbis Research report paints a very optimistic picture for the future outlook of the global HVD market. As per its forecast, the global HVD market will exhibit strong growth between the years 2020 and 2027.

As per its findings, Cloud solutions such as dinHVDs will constantly be replacing the spending on traditional IT infrastructures. We should see a drastic reduction in spending over on premise IT solutions, which will be substituted with solutions such as HVDs.

Leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud will continue to facilitate the “new normal” that is characterized by a fully remote workforce. Hosted Virtual Desktop solutions will continue to exhibit consistently strong growth over the next few years.

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