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Most of us associate nVIDIA with a tech company that comes up with high power, super expensive GPUs. Well, a lot of us have our eyes set on at least one or two nVIDIA GPUs for their sheer performance and power.

At the same time, we will have to admit that stellar performance comes both at a price as well as a premium for that cutting edge technology. Still, you can’t say that the company completely ignores the budget segment.

In a related development, the graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturing giant quietly released the GEFORCE GT 1010 GPU. This silent release was most likely due to these two factors.

Firstly, most of the limelight and attention was grabbed by the company’s GPUs that were powered by the Ampere architecture. These were the company’s flagship GPUs that were meant for one thing only, and that’s top notch performance.

Secondly, there was no formal announcement or fanfare around the release of the GT 1010 GPU. This graphics processing unit is powered by the company’s Pascal architecture. The GT 1010 will succeed, or replace the Keplar architecture based GT 710 GPU.

As of now, there is no official word on the GPU’s pricing but given its basic architecture, it will be positioned as an entry level or budget device.

It should be considered less of a gaming GPU and more of a display adapter. With the release of GT 1010, the speculation that nVIDIA might roll out yet another gaming GPU has lost steam.

The Thermal Design Power (TDP) of GT 1010 is rated at around 30 Watts. Due to a much simpler design and functionality, the GPU does not require any external power connectors. Still, the release of GT 1010 is a welcome addition to nVIDIA’s budget GPU lineup.

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