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No matter where you live, the motherland is the most sacred piece of land in the whole wide world. Whether near or far, one’s love for the country never tends to lessen. The ultimate manifestation of this love for the homeland is laying down one’s life for it.

Today, let’s spare a few moments for all the fallen American heroes who have stopped at nothing less than sacrificing their own lives in the line of duty. Memorial Day is a time to remember and show gratitude to all such heroes and their ultimate sacrifice.

This love for one’s motherland is so intense that these brave soldiers of the US Armed Forces did not care for their own loved ones when giving their lives. These sacrifices also act as a strong deterrent for all future forces harboring nefarious designs against the US.

We observe the Memorial Day not just to honor our brave fallen heroes, but also their dear loved ones they leave behind. Although the void in their lives can never be filled, we can still express our token of gratitude for their sacrifice as well.

On this year’s Memorial Day, dinCloud would also like to express its profound gratitude to all the military personnel who laid down their lives during service in the United States Armed Forces. You and your loved ones are always in our thoughts and prayers.

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