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iNSYNQ is a cloud service company based in United States, dealing in virtual desktop environment, billing tools, DaaS and hosted accounting applications, QuickBooks related services and Multiple range of services provided to MSPs and certified public accountant (CPA) firms.

MegaCortex Ransomware: Insights of the Attack

MegaCortex, a ransomware that recently hit one of the cloud service providers iNSYNQ, paralyzing cyber infrastructure of the company which prevented the clients access to their cloud hosted desktops and data. This cyber-attack happened on July 16th and as per the company much has been taken care of and none of the client’s data has been breached and they are trying their best to make sure that all of their clients are up and running soon and they will personally call each client as their systems are up and running.

Criticism Faced After the Ransomware Attack

iNSYNQ is being heavily discussed among MSPs, IT service and security providers after the break of cyber-attack news that shook most of the cloud service providers for not being able to tackle the situation in terms of resolving issues in timely manner and poor communication of the Hack which leaves a lot of questions unanswered about the security in the cloud.

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