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Today, we merrily celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King (MLK), who will always be remembered as a symbol of social equality and justice. MLK stood up for his rights and those of million others that fall prey to discrimination.

MLK’s struggle is unique in the way that it was a non-violent movement and still, it achieved the desired outcomes. As we celebrate the MLK Day, it is also an important reminder for each member of the society.

The first message we should take home on MLK Day is to keep ourselves completely at bay from all sorts of discrimination, no matter what its based on. This will discourage the elements of society that still uphold and promote this menace.

More importantly, we have to stand up against all sorts of discrimination, albeit in a non-violent manner. This will give a voice to the segments of society that fall victim to such emotional atrocities.

The entire world in general and USA in particular need this unity now more than ever. As we mount a recovery from a crippling pandemic, this social equality and non-discriminatory attitude will add a synergy to this mammoth task ahead of us.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr. – We Haven’t Forgotten Your Message!

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