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The Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed what was previously the norm. This global health crisis has affected enterprises and industries in a very different manner. Some industries benefitted, while others absorbed the brunt of this crisis.

Despite a really varied impact of this pandemic, it is the overall picture of the market or economy that matters the most. A recent survey conducted by research firm IDC has revealed promising performance figures for the US market as a whole.

The two main driving forces behind these upbeat economic performance figures were digital transformation and remote work. While digitalization was always on the cards, it never received the level of precedence that it currently has.

Many industry analysts agree that the digitalization that was achieved only during this pandemic’s one year is comparable to several years of work. This crisis acted as a catalyst for ongoing and new digital transformation initiatives.

The other key factor behind a decent performance during the pandemic is remote work capability. By leveraging the infrastructure of Public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud, enterprises were able to sustain a fully remote workforce.

We also witnessed a huge change in consumer behavior during this crisis. In a bid to remain secure, consumers preferred contactless modes of transaction. Businesses that were able to provide contactless channels of interaction and transaction thrived during Covid-19.

The IDC study underscores the importance of contactless channels for enterprises in the post pandemic scenario. These channels do not extend merely to the exchange of information, but encompass the whole transaction as well.

According to the IDC survey, it is expected that nearly all mainstream enterprises will put into place at least two channels of contactless payments within the next couple of years. This will not only ensure safety of consumers, but also result in better retail sales.

The acceleration of digital transformation, coupled with the remote work capability that was mostly made possible via CSPs like dinCloud, the US market has shown promising growth figures. This momentum, as per IDC, is like to carry on at least during 2021.

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