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Latest Google Outage crises panicked many users around the globe. Famous Search Engine Giant “Google” faces a severe Outage where many searchers were unable to search what they want.

During the downtime, people around the globe when searched for some query they simply got a message saying “Internal Server Error“. However, this outage forced users to use alternate Search Engines like, DuckDuckGo, Bing and the like.

This issue was highlighted when people started complaining on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

Moreover, the Google Outage 2019 was not confirmed from any Official Google Source but after seeing a lot of complaints online, community now demands an official press release from Google in which they have to confirm this outage.

People just after this outage started sharing their personal experience on Social Media with the most popular hashtag and that is “#googledown”. The Hashtag after sometime became the most trending one all around the Globe.

According to DownDetector, users faced the same problem after 2 hours when issue was first highlighted.

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