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A complete migration to the Cloud is a strategic decision that will have a major long term impact on your enterprise. As a management level executive, you may also want to move over to the cloud in smaller phases.

This approach will not only enable you to transform digitally, but will also equip you to tackle imminent challenges that come along the way. This notion was further supported by a recent study conducted by International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

IBM’s research highlights a common concern during any full on migration to the Cloud, and that’s your possible inability to roll back such a strategic decision. Therefore, it is a prudent option to choose a hybrid cloud model, at least for the initial phases of the transition.

In any hybrid cloud model, you get to fully leverage the flexibility and versatility of the Cloud, while also enjoying the level of control you have over on premise architectures. In simpler words, the hybrid cloud is the “best of both worlds”.

The research highlights another notable trend regarding spending patterns around the Cloud. It is expected that over the year 2021, enterprises will be channelizing nearly half of their entire cloud budgets towards hybrid cloud.

Cloud powered solutions, such as the ones offered by leading service provider dinCloud, offer an unmatched level of flexibility and scalability as opposed to your on premise infrastructures. Then, there is the additional benefit of supporting remote employees.

A hybrid cloud model also enables your business to gradually depart from a CapEx spending model to a purely OpEx based model. This remarkably reduces your IT related overheads, which you have to incur in the case of on premise systems, regardless of use.

Towards the end, the report emphasizes that as your workloads mature over the migrated cloud infrastructure, you can now easily plan a full on cloud transition. The hybrid cloud will enable you to extract way more value as compared to on-premise infrastructures.

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