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Businesses are constantly on the lookout for innovation and advancement. At the end of the day, this results in giving them the crucial competitive edge in their respective industry or niche. However, IT infrastructure decisions are critical to goal achievement.

According to a recent survey conducted on the IT infrastructure choices of enterprises, it was revealed that an overwhelming 87% of the respondents had a hybrid cloud strategy in place for their IT infrastructures.

This makes perfect sense, especially in the present times of high uncertainty and dwindling financial resources. Organizations are otherwise reluctant to part with precious dollars amidst the prevailing chaos and uncertainty.

One of the major reasons cited behind the choice of hybrid cloud infrastructures was organizational agility. A hybrid cloud strategy allows enterprises to leverage the instant scalability of the public cloud, without compromising the least bit on critical workloads.

The majority of mission critical workloads remain on-premise in most hybrid cloud deployments. Another trend that is becoming very common is the use of hybrid cloud as an intermediary solution for a complete transition to the public cloud.

A lot of this ease was also attributed to containerization of applications. The rapid adoption of containerization for developing cloud native applications from scratch, or adapting the existing ones for the Cloud has created a lot of ease for implementing the hybrid cloud.

Now, enterprises are able to develop cloud native applications in smaller, independent chunks of code which are also referred to as micro services. This approach towards building cloud native apps reduces the time to market, while enhancing agility and flexibility.

Applications that are designed for hybrid cloud infrastructures by leveraging containerization are much easier to de-bug, improve or upgrade. It comes as little surprise that Hybrid Cloud has become the go-to cloud infrastructure choice for most enterprises.

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